Spice girls gem

In the early 1990s, father and son Chris and Bob Herbert wanted to form a band that would compete with the popular boys’ bands that dominated the British music industry. In 1994, she released a press release seeking girls from 18 to 23, with the ability to sing and dance, but also ambitious, sociable and dedicated. Hundreds of contestants came in the admissions tests, and finally five were selected: Victoria Adams, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Jerry Halliwell and Michelle Stevenson. The band, which at the time was called “Touch”, moved in together, rehearsing day and night together. During the first two months the band worked on demo and choreographed recordings. During rehearsals, however, Michelle Stevenson’s mother became breast cancer, forcing her to leave the band. Soon her mother Benton, who replaced Stevenson and, despite her young age, was quickly integrated.

After Benton joined, the band returned to work. The band companies demanded that their directors present them to producers and corporate executives to sign a recording contract. In December 1994, this happened, and they made their debut with producers and senior corporate executives. Bob Herbert foresaw the band’s acceptance and rushed to offer a band management contract, but the band members refused to sign the contract. They took the demos they recorded, left the house where they lived and hung up with their son, and looked for a new personal manager to get them a recording contract. At that time, they decided to change the oil to “Spice”, but discovered that the name was taken by another band, and decided to call themselves “Spice Girls”. Towards the end of 1994, the band began appearing before various agency managers to find a personal manager. Finally, the band members found Simon Fuller, who got them a recording contract with Virgin in 1995 and the band started working on its debut album.

1996: Spice
In July 1996, Spice Girls released their first single, “Wannabe,” in the UK. The single had tremendous success in the chorus parades and reached the top of the British parade and stayed there for seven weeks. The single has had similar success throughout the world, reaching the top of the hit charts in 31 countries, selling 7 million copies and, to date, is considered the best-selling single for a girls band and the best-selling debut single of all time. In addition, the band managed to penetrate the American market which was known to be a success for a foreign artist when the single entered the summit of the Billboard Parade and remained there for four weeks. According to a study conducted at the University of Amsterdam, the song is the most recognizable and recorded hit out of some 220 hits since the 1940s [1] [2].

Shortly after the release of “Wannabe”, the band members were interviewed for Top of the Pops magazine, which affixed to each of them a personality-based nickname: Victoria became “Posh” because of her dandy and interest in makeup and clothing, her mother to Baby, Because of her young age, Melanie Bee for “Scary”, because of the “scary” hairstyles, Jerry for “Ginger”, because of her red hair and Melanie C. for “sporty” due to the sporting image. The same designations have been adhered to by the band throughout its years of operation.

In November 1996, the Spice Girlz released their debut album, “Spice.” Within seven weeks, the band sold 1.8 million copies and to date the album has sold only three million copies in the UK, and has been at the summit of sales parades for 15 weeks. In Europe, the album was best-selling for 1997 with sales of more than eight million copies. The album was similarly successful in the United States and is also considered the best-selling album of 1997. To date, the album has sold 23 million copies worldwide.

The following singles: “Say You’ll Be There” and “2 Become 1” became hits and also entered the summit of the UK’s chorus. The two singles managed to reach the summit of different parades in 53 different countries. The double and final single, “Mama” / “Who Do You Think You Are” had similar success and once again the band entered the summit of the British hit parade.